To use Momentum, you start with any topic, brand, or ongoing event.


Momentum then provides you with a list, ranked by index value, of all the conversations going on in the area you are interested in.


The higher the index, the greater the conversation's impact and the faster it's growing.


In short, it puts you at the center of the global information flow.

The Momentum Index is the the social media equivalent of what PageRank is for Google and what the Dow Jones Industrial Average is for the stock market.

Momentum provides social intelligence. We first retrieve all conversations in regards to the topic, event, brand, or person you entered. Then Momentum extracts all linked content, indexes it, ranks it and displays it so you can use it to:

Instead of having to slog through ever-expanding amounts of data in real time, you are simply presented with the top trending content for topics relevant to you.

Find explosive content faster than anyone else, to exploit an opportunity or prevent a problem from rising. Watch content or messaging take off from a low index value and dampen or reinforce it as it grows.

Be the first to see what original insight, intelligence, and fact-checking the social graph is turning up.

It's easy to share that amazing new video, or the all important new fact or tomorrow's headline.

Doesn't matter where content or conversations originate. Any content using roman characters is captured. You'll be pleasantly surprised by what you find trending across the world.

One-click sorting makes it straightforward to see what's growing the fastest. Plus, you can isolate by source network to zoom in on a particular group.

In addition to the accounts available to individuals or small groups (described above), we have developed a package for our agency and enterprise clients looking to get ahead of the curve, that consists of:

You get your own server cluster and super-user account, which offers the ability to easily maintain and swap out user accounts.

We'll work with your team on an ongoing basis to calibrate the weighting of the momentum index to suit your needs, as well as plug in or remove sources and visualizations that are relevant to your organization.

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